Ceolus™ UF is a porous MCC with balance of compactibility and flowability.
It enables a balance of tablet hardness and tablet disintegration. It solves tableting issues such as insufficient API
content uniformity or over-lubrication.

Functional benefits

  • Enables a balance of tablet hardness and tablet disintegration
  • Solves tableting issues (Insufficient API content uniformity, over-lubrication)
  • Enables poorly flowable and/or low dose formulations
  • Enables high speed tableting

Function & features

  • Balance of compactibility and flowability
  • High swellability
  • Low sensitivity to lubricant
  • Porous particles

Map of Ceolus™ Compactibility vs. Flowability

* Comparison of tablet hardness, with the formulation of PH-101 = 1 set as the index point
Formulation: Acetaminophen/MCC = 70/30


Tablet hardness

Tablet weight variance

Ascorbic acid/MCC/Spray dried lactose/CCS/Mg-St=75/20/3/2/1.5 (extra) (%),
Direct compression (Rotary press), Tablet size: 180 mg, φ8 mm -12 R

Grade lineup



Subject of comparison


General properties

Grade Average
Particle Size(μm)
Bulk density (g/cm3) Repose Angle(°) Loss on
absorption (%)
absorption (%)
Ceolus™ UF
Porous MCC with balance of compactibility and flowability
UF-702 90 0.29 34 2.0-6.0 240 160
UF-711 50 0.22 42 2.0-6.0 240 150
Ceolus™ PH
Standard grade with high quality
PH-101 50 0.29 45 2.0-6.0 200 120
PH-102 90 0.30 42 2.0-6.0 200 140

All values presented here are solely for the purpose of basic reference and should not be regarded as specifications.

Pharmacopoeia listings

JP : Microcrystalline Cellulose
USP/NF : Microcrystalline Cellulose

Packaging information

Grade Net weight Packaging type
UF-702 15 kg Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag
UF-711 15 kg Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag

Formulation examples

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Technical data sheets

Balance of tablet hardness and tablet disintegration - High shear granulation

Ceolus™ UF 

In high shear granulation, the granulation time affects the compactibility, disintegration and dissolution properties of granules. In particular, longer granulation time tends to deteriorate the compactibility, disintegration or dissolution properties. Ceolus™ UF grade is a round and porous MCC and its high swellability can reduce adverse effects of high shear granulation on tablet hardness, disintegration and dissolution.


Tablet hardnessTablet disintegration

Key words

Ethenzamide: 30 % Tablet weight: 180 mg Uncoated tablets High shear granulation
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Technical data sheets

Improvement of API content uniformity

Ceolus™ UF 

API segregation is one of typical challenges in direct compression of low dose API formulations. A porous MCC particle forms an ordered mixture by API adhesion on its surface. The ordered mixture mitigates API segregation risk and provides better API content uniformity compared to conventional MCCs.


API content uniformity

Key words

Levothroxine sodium: 0.1 % Tablet weight: 100 mg Uncoated tablets Direct compression
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Technical data sheets

Improvement of tablet weight variance under high speed tableting

Ceolus™ UF 

In direct compression of formulation with poorly flowable APIs, increasing the tableting speed tends to cause tablet weight variance. A high flowable MCC may improve flowability of mixed powder, prevent tablet weight variance, and increase tableting speed.


Tablet weight variance

Key words

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) : 40 % Tablet weight: 700 mg Uncoated tablets Direct compression
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