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PH Grade

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Characteristics and function

CEOLUS PH grades are the most commonly used grades for oral solid dosage forms. They show excellent performance when used in granulation and direct compression of tablets.

PH-101 PH-102 PH-200

PH-101 Standard grade. Most widely used for wet granulation tableting.
PH-102 Larger particle size. Improved flow while maintaining compactibility and distintegration properties similar to PH-101. Used mostly for direct compression tableting.
PH-200 Larger particle size than PH-102. Increased flow.
PH-301 Higher bulk density than PH-101. Improved flow and disintegration.
PH-302 Larger particle size than PH-301 with similar compactibility and disintegration properties to PH-301. Increased flow.
PH-F20JP Smallest particle size with increased surface area for enhanced compactibility.

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